Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Declutter

Do you like/want/need to declutter?  Want to join my challenge to declutter your home before the New Year?  Let's do it!  Your list can be as little or big as you'd like :)

Go through garage/deep freezer and organize
Go through kitchen freezer and organize
Dust all baseboards
Wash all walls
Collect large glass pickle jars for storing the rest of my bulk, dry goods
Rearrange toy room and get ready for Christmas toys
Rearrange master bath/declutter linens
Clean fridge
Declutter "cleaner cabinet" under the kitchen sink

I'll be sure to post updates about my journey, so please post your list in the comments :)


  1. I just decluttered Miss A's room by putting all of her undies, sock and tights in their own bowl. No more digging thru to find them. I also put her hair stuff in a clear glass jar so we can see what's in there. That was the last of it to get her room in tip top shape :)

  2. Okay, one more thing done :) I de-cluttered and reorganized the kitchen much better :)

  3. We de-clutter our rooms twice a year, once in the Spring and in the Fall. Now we just need to de-clutter every where else :)