Friday, March 26, 2010

Today's great finds

This morning my wonderful MIL came over to watch the kids for me while I ran errands.  I had to go to the bank and to the pet food store for dog food.  I happened to stop by the Salvation Army on my way b/c I was looking for a cardigan, a light jacket , some 3T sleepers, and possibly some capris/shorts.  Well, I scored all of this for $22!  It's not my best deals, but for what I got I'm MORE than thrilled!

I got a Helly Hansen fleece zip up for $3.89, for myself.  These retail anywhere from $75 - $125, SCORE!

These are Levi 542 capris that appear to be like new! $4.89 (retails for $45)
2 Carter's 3T jammies for Miss A (she really likes the sports and big trucks) $1.89/each
I hit up the $.25 rack and found these.  They'll be great diaper covers and I'll hem them into shorts when he outgrows the inseams :)
Cute 3/4 sleeve top for Moi, $1.79
The stacker in the back is Melissa & Doug, the other two are from Ikea (made in Sweden).  These came all in 1 bag and were $5.89!!!!!!!
Educo "Double Bubble" for $1.89.  Made in Canada.  
We already have about a dozen of their Anamalz and love them

So needless to say I'm so stoked with my finds.  We're now set for Jamesy's birthday tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Buy Local

While driving around town and shopping, I've noticed more and more of these window clings on cars and the front doors of businesses.  I strongly believe in buying local.  My husband owns and operates his own business and with out the people of our local community we would have been sunk long ago.  For nearly everything you buy there are 2 options, buy local or buy big-box.  You can get your groceries at the locally run grocery store or the big-box.  You can buy a toy from Toys R Us or from your local artisan on  You can buy a gallon of paint or a bucket of nails from your neighborhood hardware store or the big-box alternative.  It's all about choices and where you want to put your hard earned dollars.  While I was reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle she said that nearly 75% of your dollar stays in your city when you BUY LOCAL.  Isn't that amazing!  That's what we should all strive for.  So next time you're planning your errands for the week, take an extra minute to see if you can buy local instead.

To see if your town supports Buy Local, just Google "Buy Local and your town name".  I've already emailed our Greater Spokane Incorporated to buy a window cling for my car :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The loot

Good morning everyone!

I went to Fresh Abundance first thing this morning and picked up our fruit box a 1/2 gallon of Spokane Family Farm's milk (for Miss A).  This pictures if missing some bananas, some apples, the strawberries, and a few tangerines :)

So now the challenge begins to see how long we can make this last.  One of ours goals is to buy less junk food (read CANDY and KETTLE CHIPS).  The hubbs and I love an indulgent snack after we put the kids to bed and we watch a little TV.  We're hoping all this fruit will help our waistlines and our budget :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

CSA aka Community Supported Agriculture

We're doing it.  We've thought about joining our local CSA, Fresh Abundance, for about a year now, but the membership fee of $50 was keeping us from doing it.  Well, we got our tax return back and I said that I wanted to do it, so we did.  The hubbs doesn't bend to my will usually, but I told him that lots of fresh fruits would be his pay back, so he obliged. 

My BIL expressed interest in wanting to take about a 1/3 of it, so that will help us with the cost + eliminate any potential food waste.  Although we may be upgrading the Happy Family Produce Box next week because hubby's aunt said she would like to split a box.  We'll see if that happens or if it's even feasible with that many people eating out of 1 box.

Right now we're getting the Fruit Box and I will pick it up this afternoon or tomorrow morning.  The plan is to get it every other week, but it may change to every week.  The contents change each week and this is what we'll be getting this week:
1 Pound LOCAL Organic Pink Lady Apples
2 Pound Organic Minneola Tangelos
4 LOCAL Organic Bosc Pears
1 Organic Mango
3 Organic Medium Navel Oranges
4 LOCAL Organic Fuji Apples
1 Organic Pineapple
2 LOCAL Organic Cameo Apples
1 Pound Organic Strawberries
2 LOCAL Organic Red Danjou
1 Large Organic Grapefruit
5 Organic Bananas

I'll be sure to post pictures of it this week...that is if there is anything left ;)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Today's finds

Hi everyone and Happy Friday!!!

Today I had to run errands while my MIL watched the kiddos.  I stopped by Savvy Moms but they weren't open yet (I was out the door before 9am).  They are a nicer thrift store w/ name brands like Gymboree, Hanna Andersson, etc.  I was looking for 3T footed PJs for Arabelle.  So, I ran to Aslin Finch and got cat food, than to the Franz Bakery Outlet and got all this for $5.96!!!
The loaves of bread are our favorite and we were completely out of bread.  They usually go for $3/loaf and I got them for $1 and they all expire next week, so they'll be going into the freezerThe english muffins were $.48/each, usually $2/each

I stopped by The Army looking for PJs still and found a pair.  They're boyish with a dinosaur on them, but Arabelle won't care, they were $1.89.  I've also been looking for stainless steel cookware and a few bowls since we don't do plastic any more.  I scored!  I got all this for $14.  They look a little dingy, but the dishwasher will take care of that :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What happened this week?

First and foremost I want to show my deal of the week!!  I'm so excited for it and my daughter just adores it.  It's a Kiddi-o trike made in Germany and it retails for $180 new on Amazon.  I got it for $4.89

You know when you have one of those weeks that just sucks the life right outta ya?  Well, this past week has been one of those.  Everyday but Tuesday we were out and about, and it wasn't just fun stuff, it was the monotonous stuff, like taking my sewing machine to get serviced, grocery shopping, a doctor appointment, etc.  There of course were some fun things thrown in like a play date, a girl's night with my friends and my daughter started gymnastics. 

As I sit here on a Saturday night recovering from last night's little shindig with some friend's from highschool, I realize how different life is now.  I don't see them very often because we've all gone our own ways, we live with in 1.5 hours of each other, but in the past few years a lot has happened for us all.  I'm the only one with kids so far and that makes it tough for me to see them when they fly into town on a whim.  I miss them dearly and have decided to make more of an effort to see them more often.  I didn't get to bed until midnight and of course the kids woke up right at 7am.  I need at least 9 hours of sleep to function with out being a little on the cranky side.  I love my children and my life a lot.  I love what we have created, but when I see my friends once a year, I remember what it was like to be spontaneous and I miss it.

It's a fleeting thought to reminisce about how things used to be.  I mean why dwell on it?  I lived it and of course regret some things, but mostly I remember the sleepy Saturday mornings where the hubbs and I would stay in bed for hours just talking, or on a Friday night we'd have friends over to play games and drink.  Those days are on hold as we raise our small children and that's okay.  We realize what is at stake here.  We can't be too selfish, but at the same point, we need our space from our kids and each other every now and again.