Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting crafty

So, the more I think about baby J's first birthday, the more I just want to be creative.  I'm in intermediate seamstress, but most days you wouldn't know it because I get antsy in my pantsy and mess up.  O well, I tell myself, as I rip out another failed stitch line ;)

So, I have 1+ yards of OBV (organic bamboo velour) that has been scaring me for over 6 months.  It just sits there because I feel like it needs to become something great and I haven't had the craftiness to create much of anything lately.  So, I'm going to make baby J a blanket out of it, similar to this one

I've also been working on converting 100% wool sweaters into pants and shorts for JW aka Baby J.  I don't have any elastic, so I need to go get some.  For those of you scratching your heads as to why I would make my baby pants out of old sweaters, well we cloth diaper and wool is just about the best cover.  It's water resistant, breathable, and cute :)

I'll report back next week after we get back from visiting my brother with any other hair-brained ideas I have of craftiness.  Until then, ta-ta!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

So I may have over done it yesterday...

While we were getting ready to go over to my mom's yesterday, she called and said she's going to The Army (The Salvation Army Bargain Center aka my fave thrift shop).  She invited me to come and I said I would.  I didn't have anything in mind to get and well that's where my problem is.  I came out of there $18.11 poorer.  But I got a lot of NICE stuff.

3 100% wool sweaters to make longies, shorties and soakers for baby J. 1 is cashmere and I keep petting it.

1 very large Corningware casserole dish w/ lid.  It's not like any other dish I've seen before and the ones I have, just weren't big enuf to make leftovers in, so I'm donating the smaller ones today

1 silicone muffin tin.  This was more a buy of convenience.  I have 2 muffin tins but they are a BEAR to wash.  So the old ones are getting donated too.

1 big clasp container (mine is clear).  I need something to store my dry beans in.  The bulk bags from the store are every where and driving us both nuts

I got Miss A a red shirt for a quarter for the fall in size 4T

I think I bought 1 or 2 other things, but I can't remember :)

So, what's your favorite thing to buy 2nd hand?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today's awesome finds

All of this for under $7

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Uh oh...

Well today I broke The Compact without even realizing it.  I bought a custom slot for a Mei Tai for my daughter.  I really can't believe I did this w/o thinking.  I did search for a used one but they were all way outta my price range.  This custom slot was $25, so a screaming deal.  We need one for A for a quick trip to my brothers at the end of the month.  I'll post pictures of it when it's's gonna be pretty!

Way too excited!!!!!

I'm getting 2 of these!!!!

 And they fold up like this

What are they?  They're called Peapods by Kidco.  They're coming to us all the way from Ohio (craigslist find).  We've already got several trips planned this year and I'm tired of thinking about all the crap I'm going to have to pack and dealing with A sleeping with us (she's too big for the playpen).  I'm so stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Today's finds

Today I went to 2 thrift stores, kidless!!!!  My MIL watched them while I cleaned up around here and went shopping.

In this picture I got an Old Navy jacket for J $1.99, a Hanna Andersson sleeper (I'll be keeping this for a gift in the future) for $1.49, Gymboree knit pants for $1.49 and a pair of Kirkland (Costco) jeans for the Hubbs $1.95

Here I got 2 pairs of workout/house pants for $1.60/each and 2 workout VHS's for $.49/each *I already used the Denise Austin video and it's a great workout!
Here I got a soft truck that has a book attached to talk about farming (this will be part of J's birthday present) $.69, an antique handmade sock monkey for J's bday (this is a HUGE find for me, I'm stoked) $.69 and a binder to keep my recipes in $.49

So today I spent $12.97