Saturday, February 20, 2010

So I may have over done it yesterday...

While we were getting ready to go over to my mom's yesterday, she called and said she's going to The Army (The Salvation Army Bargain Center aka my fave thrift shop).  She invited me to come and I said I would.  I didn't have anything in mind to get and well that's where my problem is.  I came out of there $18.11 poorer.  But I got a lot of NICE stuff.

3 100% wool sweaters to make longies, shorties and soakers for baby J. 1 is cashmere and I keep petting it.

1 very large Corningware casserole dish w/ lid.  It's not like any other dish I've seen before and the ones I have, just weren't big enuf to make leftovers in, so I'm donating the smaller ones today

1 silicone muffin tin.  This was more a buy of convenience.  I have 2 muffin tins but they are a BEAR to wash.  So the old ones are getting donated too.

1 big clasp container (mine is clear).  I need something to store my dry beans in.  The bulk bags from the store are every where and driving us both nuts

I got Miss A a red shirt for a quarter for the fall in size 4T

I think I bought 1 or 2 other things, but I can't remember :)

So, what's your favorite thing to buy 2nd hand?

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