Monday, February 1, 2010

Today's finds

Today I went to 2 thrift stores, kidless!!!!  My MIL watched them while I cleaned up around here and went shopping.

In this picture I got an Old Navy jacket for J $1.99, a Hanna Andersson sleeper (I'll be keeping this for a gift in the future) for $1.49, Gymboree knit pants for $1.49 and a pair of Kirkland (Costco) jeans for the Hubbs $1.95

Here I got 2 pairs of workout/house pants for $1.60/each and 2 workout VHS's for $.49/each *I already used the Denise Austin video and it's a great workout!
Here I got a soft truck that has a book attached to talk about farming (this will be part of J's birthday present) $.69, an antique handmade sock monkey for J's bday (this is a HUGE find for me, I'm stoked) $.69 and a binder to keep my recipes in $.49

So today I spent $12.97


  1. Great deals. LOVE the HA sleeper. Too cute.

  2. The sleeper was an impulse buy. I saw some more HA but it was 110 and A is in an 80-90, so I could justify it :)