Monday, March 22, 2010

CSA aka Community Supported Agriculture

We're doing it.  We've thought about joining our local CSA, Fresh Abundance, for about a year now, but the membership fee of $50 was keeping us from doing it.  Well, we got our tax return back and I said that I wanted to do it, so we did.  The hubbs doesn't bend to my will usually, but I told him that lots of fresh fruits would be his pay back, so he obliged. 

My BIL expressed interest in wanting to take about a 1/3 of it, so that will help us with the cost + eliminate any potential food waste.  Although we may be upgrading the Happy Family Produce Box next week because hubby's aunt said she would like to split a box.  We'll see if that happens or if it's even feasible with that many people eating out of 1 box.

Right now we're getting the Fruit Box and I will pick it up this afternoon or tomorrow morning.  The plan is to get it every other week, but it may change to every week.  The contents change each week and this is what we'll be getting this week:
1 Pound LOCAL Organic Pink Lady Apples
2 Pound Organic Minneola Tangelos
4 LOCAL Organic Bosc Pears
1 Organic Mango
3 Organic Medium Navel Oranges
4 LOCAL Organic Fuji Apples
1 Organic Pineapple
2 LOCAL Organic Cameo Apples
1 Pound Organic Strawberries
2 LOCAL Organic Red Danjou
1 Large Organic Grapefruit
5 Organic Bananas

I'll be sure to post pictures of it this week...that is if there is anything left ;)


  1. I thought about doing that when we lived in Spokane too, but it was just too much food. Good idea on splitting it! Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Mmmmm, I've heard about this but have never done it (I haunt the Farmer's Market, but this sounds even better!) .... I'm going to do this tomorrow!