Friday, March 12, 2010

Today's finds

Hi everyone and Happy Friday!!!

Today I had to run errands while my MIL watched the kiddos.  I stopped by Savvy Moms but they weren't open yet (I was out the door before 9am).  They are a nicer thrift store w/ name brands like Gymboree, Hanna Andersson, etc.  I was looking for 3T footed PJs for Arabelle.  So, I ran to Aslin Finch and got cat food, than to the Franz Bakery Outlet and got all this for $5.96!!!
The loaves of bread are our favorite and we were completely out of bread.  They usually go for $3/loaf and I got them for $1 and they all expire next week, so they'll be going into the freezerThe english muffins were $.48/each, usually $2/each

I stopped by The Army looking for PJs still and found a pair.  They're boyish with a dinosaur on them, but Arabelle won't care, they were $1.89.  I've also been looking for stainless steel cookware and a few bowls since we don't do plastic any more.  I scored!  I got all this for $14.  They look a little dingy, but the dishwasher will take care of that :)

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