Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Toy organizer: Part Two

I finally snagged one today and I'm so thrilled with it.  It cost me $25 and retails at Target for about $65.  It's in excellent shape, doesn't appear to ever been used.  After dinner tonight we unloaded the old toy chest which is an heirloom that my great grandpa made back when I was a kid.  It's now in Little Mister's room with a few toys in it.  I refuse to let it overflow like it had in the living room, errrr.

The art box

How do you organize toys and art supplies?


  1. I just spent this afternoon sorting and putting into boxes (and tossing some) toys . . . I saw a shelf similar to the one you have pictured . . but it looked kinda flimsy . . . tell me if they last - I need to do SOMETHING!

  2. Welcome Michelle! This isn't flimsy at all, the rungs that go horizontal are metal and it's sturdy all around. I can't tell you how wonderful it is for keeping the toys organized. Plus, the kids like having certain boxes for certain toys :)