Monday, September 6, 2010

What does Labor Day mean to you?

If you're reading this we're on the road to vacation, Happy Labor Day 2010!

I used to think Labor Day was just another day off when I was a "working girl".  It was nice to enjoy a long weekend as summer was winding down, but I didn't think much of it then.  Now that I'm a stay at home mom and I watch my wonderful husband go to work every week, I can truly appreciate it.  The Hubbs works his tail off, especially in the summer, usually with painting the exterior of homes mostly.  He has been very busy this summer, probably his busiest ever in the 3 years he has owned his own business.  He's thankful that currently he's booked though October and hoping for good weather to finish up a few more exteriors before the snow flies.  He was raised to work hard by both of his parents and takes his craftsmanship seriously which is why he is still in business.

What does Labor Day mean to you?

The history of Labor Day

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