Monday, November 15, 2010

A catch-up of sorts

The last month has been a whirlwind filled with good and bad.  Today was the cherry on top when I had to go the dentist for an emergency.  Well, that wasn't in the budget, sigh.

Slow season is officially upon us, however, we did finish our Christmas shopping 2 weeks ago.  We didn't go hardcore Compact, mainly because my husband didn't want to.  Out of the total number of presents purchased/made about 25% were bought new from a store.  The other 75% were bought 2nd hand or from etsy/hyenacart/made by me.  Most of the items we purchased new ended up being cheaper new, instead of buying used.  For example, I had been watching some used board games on eBay, but with shipping they came out to be more expensive than at our local game shop.  I'm not the kind of person to buy something used even if it's more expensive.  I have a budget to look out for, ya know ;)

Miss A's birthday party is this coming Saturday and we're throwing a pancake party.  I've been adding up the costs in Excel and here's how it breaks down:
75ish homemade pancakes = $10
Toppings = $6 *I have most of them on hand already*
Milk = 3 gallons = $10 *would be $15 but I have a free gallon next trip*
25 Paper plates & cups = $6
Favors = Free courtesy of my MIL

Grand total = $32 to feed 23 people (14 adults + 9 kids)

Compare this to the $9.99/per child price tag and we're at $100.  This does not include feeding the 14 adults.  So, it's way cheaper and less crazy to say the least.  I always enjoyed it when my mom threw a "home" birthday party for me when I was little.  A little imagination will go along ways. 

O, and I almost forgot.  Since everyone will be eating pancakes, I asked that everyone wear their PJs.  Too fun!


  1. I so wish we were going to be there for Miss A's birthday party...hopefully next year.

  2. You'll make up for it when you're here for a month...can't wait!

  3. What a great idea!
    I am from Sweden (lives in Texas now) and I was shocked when I saw what kind of parties the children have over here. I decided to do have home parties just like you are. Have fun!

    Thanks for following my blog! I appreciate it.I am following yours too.

  4. Hi Jo and welcome! Your blog looks awesome and I can't wait to have time to dive into it :)