Friday, November 19, 2010

Soapy soap soap

Around here we used to buy Softsoap at Costco for no other reason than it was there and we needed it.  We had the little bottles and would refill when needed.  I personally didn't like the soap, but couldn't ever find a decent replacement and honestly I never really looked.  I thought all liquid hand soap was the same.  Then I heard about Dr. Bronners!

For the past few months (while the last bottle of Softsoap was being finished up) I have been experimenting with Dr. Bronner's liquid soap.  I LOVE this soap and a little goes a long way.  I bought 3 new foaming hand soap bottles and poured out their contents (the Method brand bottles are best).  Then I filled them with 1/3 Dr. B's liquid soap (we got the almond scented one) and the rest with water.  The foam is awesome and actually The Hubbs and I use it as our body wash instead of bar soap in the shower too.

Currently, for the kids, we're finishing up our last bottle of Avalon Organics Baby Wash, which we've used from day one with our oldest.  It's smells awesome and doesn't have the icky chemicals and it makes a nice bubble bath too.  However, I'm going to switch to the Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild liquid soap and make another foaming pump for their baths. 

Because I love a good money savings break down, here it is :)
Softsoap Refill, 56oz / $6.89 = $.12/oz
Dr. Bronners Almond, 128oz (gallon) / $35 (I bought at a local store during a BIG sale) = $.27/oz

1 foaming bottle holds about 9oz and I use 3oz of soap per bottle.  So, this means that 1 bottle uses 3oz of soap compared to 9oz of the Softsoap.  This means that even though Dr. B's is more expensive up front, it's actually cheaper in the end at $.09/oz

As for the safety of the soaps, rates TONS of body care items with 0 being the best and 10 being the worst...
Softsoap rates at 6
Dr. Bronner's Almond rates at 2
Dr. Bronners Baby Mild rates at 1


  1. I have actually smelled the almond one and it is wonderful!

  2. I brush my teeth with Dr Bronners too. Regular toothpaste has flouride (which I don't want) and also glycerin. the glycerin literally coats each tooth, preventing natural remineralization, so being glycerin-free is a good thing.
    Just get a little water on the toothbrush, the *one*drop* of Dr Bronners. It's not minty the way other toothpastes are, but my teeth have never ever felt so clean! It's a genuine clean, like stays-clean-overnight (no fuzzy morning teeth!), no minty-to-fake-the-clean, but real clean. I love it. :)

  3. Interesting Mommy Bee. I have thought about switching to baking soda and peppermint essential oil for toothpaste, but I have a cavity that formed while pregnant and couldn't get it fixed then...

  4. I love this soap! I use the almond for my kiddos and we use the citrus one in my shower and soup dispensers.

    Interesting comment about using it for toothpaste! I might not be quite that brave. Maybe I should get the peppermint and try!