Friday, January 14, 2011

Do you ever feel bad...

...for "new" friends on Facebook?  I am friends with some "old" friends from high school on Facebook and I sometimes wonder about what they think of me.  Not in a bad way mind you, just in a funny way.  I post about breastfeeding, car seat safety, cloth diapers and the list goes on.  Some of these people I haven't heard from in years, so it may come as quite the shock, especially if they don't have kids, since I wasn't "crunchy granola" back then.  O well, I'll just keeping snickering to myself about it ;)

Do you ever wonder how your posts come across??


  1. Sometimes, but I guess if they didn't want to read what you have to offer they can just block you...right :)

  2. All the time(not that I put a ton of deep thought into it, just a passing thought)! I am guessing that there are quite a few people who think I am nuts, but oh well. Their opinion doesn't count in the long run.

  3. @Bridge, blocking is good for a friendship sometimes right? Haha

    @Megan, I agree their opinion doesn't count, now or ever :)

  4. I think about it sometimes. I wasn't into health back in high school so I am sure my posts surprise some people. I haven't talked to some in 20 years, and I recently hooked up with old friends on facebook a while back. It seems like I changed more than they did.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!