Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WinCo deals

As some of you may know by my past posts, I don't really like the feel the WinCo.  It's too Wal-mart-ish for me.  But sometimes I run in there for a few things and yesterday I bought our favorite healthy treat, Green Goodness.  I got three huge jugs of it because I read it can help with PMS and/or PMDD.  I sadly have the later and it blows honkey butt, trust me.  Anywho, I was also out of paprika and chile powder, both of which would have cost me $2/each to replace.  Instead I went to the bulk section and got enough of each to fill the spice containers for $.30/each.

I also found whole wheat macaroni noodles which I have never seen but always wanted to buy.  Hip-hip-hooray!

Here is a link to WinCo's bulk prices http://nwcouponlady.blogspot.com/2009/12/winco-foods-bulk-bin-items-and-prices.html

What do you buy in bulk that saves a ton of money?


  1. I love buying bulk at Winco. So far I have been pretty good at guessing how much I need to fill the jars at home. From bulk at Winco I buy (ready?) italian seasoning, walnuts, pecans, pancake mix, biscuit mix, sugar, brown sugar, flour, quik milk mix, melting chocolate, chocolate chips, popcorn, raisins, Andes mints for my grasshopper cookies, hummus, halloween candy, trail mixes, parmesan cheese. probably some other stuff, too, but I can't remember.

    I go to Winco on Fridays, on my way home from the farmers market, What I don't get from the locals, I get get there, and usually they also carry local produce, more so than wal-mart.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of bulk! Good for you. :)

  3. I am not a huge fan of Winco either, but they do have a bigger selection than the grocery store...like Taco Bell mild sauce :) I only go when we are out of certain things or we are craving something that they have.