Monday, October 4, 2010

Reorganizing and buying new things

Yesterday morning was spent cleaning up and organizing my sewing area.  I've decided I'm done indefinitely and that we could move my stuff downstairs.  I ended up having 2 garbage bags worth of fabric that I'm trading to a friend.  She's going to fix a few of my diapers in trade :)

Currently The Hubbs is in a small office/den area (5' x 9') with all of his video games and DVDs up on shelves.  He plays his Xbox 360 after the kids go to bed and before we sit down and watch our favorite TV shows.  I've pined after that space for a few months now for a homeschooling room, but we didn't have anywhere to move him.  Until now.  He's moving into the bedroom and in order to do that we had to buy a TV bracket for mounting it in the corner of our room.  I'm thrilled to get him outta that room so I can put up stuff I've been saving.  I'll also have lots of shelving for my homeschooling books, lacing toys, etc etc :)  The possibilities are endless!

Another project that has been 2 years in the making is a new back door.  Back in the summer of 2008 we went to Lowe's and purchased a new front door and a new back door.  Our home was built in 1925 and the doors we had were literally 1 ply plywood in the main body.  Anybody wanting to get in could just kick their way through.  That summer The Hubbs and my dad installed the new door (I LOVE this new door) and it took all day long.  Again, our home is 85 years old and doesn't like to be remodeled.  So, the back door has sat in our garage for 2 years untouched. 

Last week The Hubbs kept mentioning installing it and I just brushed it off.  Then he started asking what kind of doggie door I'd like to have in the new door.  Um, something energy efficient would be great, I said.  So, last night we headed off to Home Depot to look for a new dog door (we checked Craigslist with no luck).  They were $135 and $250 for the ones we wanted.  The Hubbs started getting...well, he was mad.  We were both astonished as to why the doggie door was going to cost more than our new door.  So, we headed to Lowe's and found the same exact models for $85.  We bought the Ideal Pet Door.

The Hubbs has now installed the dog door in our new back door and he's planning to hang the door this afternoon.  We're hoping the back room (where the computer/washer/dryer all hang out) will be warmer and that we can save some money on our gas bill through the winter.

Are you doing any fall organizing?


  1. This year has been all about reorganizing for me. I didn't realize that being on The Compact would make me want to get rid of stuff. I also didn't realize that simplifying my life would be so time consuming. :-)

  2. I know, right? It seems every week we have 2 bags and a box of stuff out the door. The awesome thing is that our home really is becoming more functional :)