Saturday, October 16, 2010

Twin fitted sheets

Has anyone else tried to buy these 2nd hand?  I've bought 3 twin fitted sheets over the past 10 months and all of them had shot elastic.  So, tomorrow morning when we head to Fred Meyer's for their crazy Founder's Day Sale, I'll be picking up 2 new twin fitted sheets.  I'm tired of re tucking the old ones :/

Happy Weekend!


  1. All my sheets are second hand and I have never had this problem. You could just zig-zag stitch new elastic where the old elastic was.

  2. That's a great idea, however I have developed a dislike for sewing lately and it's all been put downstairs to save some space. I got 2 twin fitteds for $8/total :)

    That's awesome you've always found good sheets, I never can

  3. This is one thing that I would always buy new...mostly because we go throught sheets like crazy new I couldn't imagine how many we would go through 2nd hand :)

  4. I've never found a useable bottom sheet; not only does the elastic wear out, but they're usually much more worn than the top sheet.