Thursday, October 14, 2010

A trade off? Your thoughts?

So, The Hubbs and I have been contemplating joining our gym again.  It would be about $400/year for the 2 of us.  I would go in the evenings after the kids are in bed and he would go before he came home for dinner.  We both need some regular exercise, so this seemed liked a good fit and we like the gym's atmosphere.

Speed up to 2 nights ago when The Hubbs was surfing the net.  I walked by and he started talking about the Kinect, a gaming system similar to the Wii or PS3, but cheaper and better (or so we believe).  It doesn't require controllers of any kind, but you can buy heart rate monitors that strap to your arm, etc.  The system is only $150 and comes with a free game.  We also like The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout game and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.  The only caveat is that we're not sure if this will provide enough "pumping iron" for my better half.  If it doesn't, than we'll reevaluate and he may end up joining the gym by himself.

So what does all this have to do with The Compact?  Well, we're going to buy it new, in fact we're going to place a pre-order soon with the games.  We're still deciding where the best deals are, as some of the retailers are offering gift cards, etc if you buy from them.

So, how am I justifying this?  Well, here's my defense :P  If we go to the gym every other night for the next year we will be wasting gas and electricity (at the gym).  If we stay home and exercise we won't be.  See, The Hubbs plays his Xbox 360 most nights after the kids go to bed, so it would be on regardless.  Plus, we're hoping to have more motivation to do it since it's in our home.  It's also a big money saver, seeing as the system and 2 games = $250 vs. the gym membership at $400/year.

I'll keep you posted on when we make our final decision and I'll be sure to write a review too :)

How do you make exercise a part of your regular life?


  1. If you do it at home, you will be able to spend more time together as a family, too! That would be my number one reason. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

  2. More family time is always awesome. I think I may try it in the afternoon when the kids get all crazy before dinner. That way they can get out some energy too!

  3. I finally had to join a group class in order for me to actually workout. We do have the Wii Fit and I used to use it all the time but since little miss G I haven't had the motivation :) I think the game system will be fun and you can probably find kid activity games for the kidlets to get rid of their energy too!

  4. I had a friend read this... she doesn't have a blog so wasn't able to reply but her and her husband did the Insanity, it's a work out and diet... she said you could take or leave the diet... but it has worked very well for them it's a 60 day program and it's pretty well Intense :) she wanted me to suggest it to you!!