Monday, April 25, 2011

Why I shop at 2 stores for nearly EVERYTHING

This sounds bizarre, right?  However, it's finally dawned on me that I can "make money back" money by shopping at Fred Meyer and Costco.  I shop at Freddy's every week and receive a 1% cash back check every quarter.  Plus, I shop at Costco 2-3x a month and we have the executive membership where we get 2% back every year, which should almost cover the cost of the $100 membership.  You probably already know what I buy at Costco every month from this post where I listed prices in our local area.

For those of you who are familiar with Fred Meyer you know that they have nearly everything.  On top of groceries, they have a great natural foods section, clothing, shoes, toys, games, garden, household, kitchen, bedroom, crafts...and the list goes on.  So, if I'm going to spend the money on shoes for Miss A, why not make 1% back?  I will say that Freddy's has a nice shoe selection and often has great clearance and good coupons too.

So, back to Costco; we spend about $200 month there, so $2400/year.  2% of that is $48, but I'm going to start buying things there that I've usually bought at Shopko/Target/etc.  Things like light bulbs, greeting cards, workbooks for the get the idea.  I estimate that our 2% reward will end up being about $75/yearly.

Yes, I still try to buy as much as I can used...especially clothing for all of us, but sadly there are a lot of items we need that are non-grocery items.

As for gift buying, I have found Heartsy, which is like Groupon for Etsy, but safer because you can use Paypal.  They have a handful of stores they feature every day and you can purchase "gift cards" for usually 60% off.  I have purchased 4 items so far, which are all gifts and I'm planning to purchase as many gifts as possible from here :)

Do you shop at stores that give you cash back?  

Are you an Etsy shopper?


  1. I do all of my grocery shopping (except specialty items) at Smiths (like Fred Meyer, but food only) and they give a percentage I shop at Costco :)
    I haven't bought a whole lot from Etsy but I love to look!

  2. Bridge,
    Do you get 1% back too from Smith's?

  3. not always cash back but I try to shop places that have a gas station/fuel discount with the gas prices we need it

  4. We don't have a costco - just Sams club and they don't offer anything back. However, i do most of my grocery shopping at dillons so I can get money off our gas.

  5. We don't have a Costco here, or Fred Meyer.... but sounds like its great for anyone that has those options!

    I had never heard of Heartsy - thanks for posting about it.

  6. Great point about the gas savings too, I use our $.10 off per gallon at Fred Meyer and so does The Hubbs. Every dollar adds up right?

  7. Signing up for Heartsy now!