Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The garage sale I've been waiting for...

...is this Saturday!  We're headed to Liberty Lake for their HUGE community garage sales.  The plan was just for me to go and The Hubbs would stay home with the kids.  However, now my entire family wants to go and The Hubbs is still on the fence.  Either way, we'll be sure to score on LOTS of stuff we NEED.  I'm hoping to stay away from stuff in the WANT category :)

Here is the link to last year's booty

This is a great article on preparing for a day of garage sales from Apron Thrift Girl.  However, I will be packing much more protein-heavy snacks :)

On this year's list is:
Tank tops for the kids and I
Rash guards for the kids
Fall/winter clothes for the kids
Butter dish *have proven SO hard to find*
Socks for the kids
I can't think of the other stuff on my mental list :)

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