Saturday, June 12, 2010

My finds

Both my parents went with and we all had fun.  Our biggest score was an American deluxe light reel mower for $5!  These retail on Craigslist for at least $40 used so this was a huge bargain.  I told my parents that it would be great for their front yard, but I was going to buy it regardless.  They ended up paying me for it, so now I'm going to help them adjust it and it will glide like a dream.

My mom and I were looking for housewares but couldn't find any :(

Here is everything I bought:
The tablecloth everything is laying on was $1
From left to right
An alphabet board $2.50
A season/time/date/etc board $2.50
5 books $2.50
Pooh PC game $1
From left to right:
4 Children's Place sweats for J (I will be cutting these into shorts) $2
5 knit leggings for A for fall $4
Ballet slippers for A $.25
Nike soft shoes for J $1
2 small baskets to sort mail $.50

Total = $17.25