Monday, June 21, 2010

June Food Stamp Challenge: Grocery shopping week 4

I blew it today.  I spent all but about $25 of what was left in my budget.  I forgot my coupons at home as I was rushing out the door with the kids so that The Hubbs could catch an extra hour of shut eye on Father's Day.

I had $110.26 left and spent $84.27 leaving me with $25.99 left for 9 days.  I still have to buy this week's milk which will cost $20, leaving me with $5.99. I may be able to make this work, but I'm not going to stress about it.  I had to buy extra things for camping this weekend like paper towels and hotdogs, etc.  We'll see how the week goes :)


  1. We blew our budget out of the water this last weekend. John ran in Ragnar (a 188 mile relay in 28 hours) so needless to say we ate out a few times and drove a ton. Oh well I figured we wouldn't do the best our first month but we still have spent less than the last few months :)

  2. Good job you guys, woot! You can't eat an elephant in one sitting...