Friday, June 18, 2010

Last night...

So, you know when your hubby gets a craving for that certain special wonderfully-delicious baked good?  Well, The Hubbs had a hankering for Rosauer's brownie bites last night.  They are a gift straight from God and so irresistible.  Darn Rosauers was having a 20% off beer and wine sale last night so he bought him self a bottle of beer and bottle of vino for me :)

$115.26 - $16 = $99.26 left for 11 days

Edited to ADD: alcohol cannot be purchased with food stamps and so I'm leaving it off.

My new total is $110.26 left for 11 days


  1. Since alcohol can't be purchased with food stamps, that probably shouldn't come out of your food stamp challenge budget. Brownies sound good, though!

  2. Ah, I forgot about that, thank you :)