Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Food Stamp Challenge: Grocery shopping week 3 *update*

Yesterday we headed to the Millwood Farmer's Market to get some veggies and a dessert, per The Hubbs' request.  I gladly obliged as the weather was gray and I wanted out of the house.  We got there right about when it opened and had plenty to choose from.  I bought 2 big bunches of green onions $3, 1lb of green snap peas $2.50, and 2 zucchinis for $1.  Then I headed over to the baker and started gazing at her wonderful goods.  I easily settled on the $3 super-sized cinnamon roll for dessert.  It was freaking delicious by the way.

$124.76 -$9.50 = $115.26 left for 12 days!

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  1. Looks like a great market, and who doesn't love fresh fruits and veggies from the farmer? This market doesn't appear to accept EBT yet, so if you were using food stamps you couldn't actually use them here. They're trying to do it, though, so maybe you can let them know that you hope they will do that soon so more families can shop there!