Monday, June 14, 2010

June Food Stamp Challenge: Grocery shopping week 3

 I got all of my grocery shopping done this morning!  YAY for me!  I went to Fred Meyers as per usual and spent $41.33 (on grocery items).  I then trotted over to Yoke's to get some brown rice puffs (for baking) and a 6-pack of my hubby's new fave soda (cherry vanilla) and spent $6.98.  Then I ran up to Barneys and got our milk for the week, $19.96.  For a grand total of $68.27

$193.03 - $68.27 = $124.76 left for 15 days

We have a 2 busy weekends coming up and I doubt we'll have much leftover money, but we'll see.

Upcoming events:
Car d'Lane
Bogs for Dogs
Father's Day (which includes taking The Hubbs out to dinner)
Camping (25th - 27th) I will be "shopping my pantry" and making all the meals ahead and freezing them.

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