Friday, June 25, 2010

Camping & bees

We're headed out camping this afternoon and I stopped by WINCO to pick up a few things before we go.  I went down the seasonal aisle looking for zinc oxide sunscreen and didn't find any :(  But I did find yellow jacket traps and I knew we needed another one for the back yard (1 isn't cutting it) and I thought it would be a good idea to buy one for camping.  Bees are usually hanging around when there's food, and I don't want any of us to get stung.  They were $4.88/each and I hope to catch many of those little buggers this weekend!

Do you have bothersome yellow jackets in your yard?  How do you keep pests away while camping?


  1. Lacey, that's a great idea that many campers tend to forget. Yellow Jackets are really mean things and they become very excitable near food. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Hi Lacey!
    So nice to meet you, Crunchy! ;)
    You know how I keep pests away while camping?
    I leave the kids at home--teeheeharhar!
    I crack myself up!
    No, really, what we do is stay in a hotel.
    When I was growing up, we camped A LOT--I mean, we even had a pop-up trailer-camper, went fishin' and ate our fish for dinner over a little stove, after I scaled the fish--
    When I grew up, I decided, I didn't want to go camping anymore--oh, we tried it a few times, but I think I'd had enough growing up---sigh.
    I hope you are enjoying your trip!
    I know I was a lot of help answering your pest question!
    I am happy to know another sister in Christ!!
    I AM curious to see how you will fare, not buying anything new in a year...
    Do you mean new as in from a store?
    Well, I just have to be your "official" follower/friend and find out!
    (boy I type a lot, sorry!)
    Blessings to you as you make your home, or tent.