Saturday, June 5, 2010

A few things...

Today was a wonderful day here in the Inland Northwest.  We all got up and got out the door at 8am to hit a few garage sales and drop off a bid to a potential client of The Hubbs.  We've been in the market for a weed eater and finally found one today for $30!  It runs great and really whacks the crap outta those weeds and tall grass, hooray.  We then came home and started looking for a reel mower again.  It has been hard finding one.  Every time we call on one from Craigslist, it's already been sold.  However, today was our lucky day.  We got a Scotts Classic 20" for $25!  I still can't believe it was only $25.  I would have easily paid $50-$60 for it.  It's barely been used because they thought it needed sharpening.  Once I got it home and saw that it didn't cut very well, I asked The Hubbs to Swagbucks search "sharpening a reel mower".  He found a site that said that 95% of reel mowers don't need to be sharpened, just adjusted.  Boy were they right!  That baby purrs right along and cuts grass like nobody's business.  I got about 1/2 of our .5 acre done this afternoon.


  1. I my reel mower! I got it for free by putting out the word. It does our front yard great! Our backyard is a little weird Houston swampy forest though.

  2. I love ours too. I'm about to go out and do the 'way back' if the rain will hold off