Thursday, June 3, 2010

Freezer dilemma is over

We bought a freezer today.  She's a 20 year old Sears ColdSpot full size upright and she's avacado green...of course.  She was $50, well $49 b/c that's all we had at the moment.  She's in the garage all hooked up and I'll likely take some of the stock out of our over-stuffed kitchen freezer out there tomorrow.  The Hubbs' aunt offered us about 40lbs of organic beef last night.  She said they aren't eating it and it's been in their deep freezer for 15 months.  I'm so excited to get it :)  This freezer will allow me to stock up on meat, frozen veggies, frozen fruit, bread items, etc.

The older couple we bought it from were so gracious.  We came lacking the proper tools which is odd for my handyman hubby.  For some reason he's never owned an appliance dolly, but now it's on his Craigslist list.  They loaned us their awesome dolly and ramp so we could unload the freezer at our house.  They also had a brand new silver Corvette we both drooled over...

We're going to keep an eye on our electric bill in the next few months and decide if we want to upgrade to a newer Energy Star model.


  1. If you decide to upgrade let me know I may be interested in purchasing this one off of you.