Friday, June 11, 2010

Orowheat outlet

This morning while my mother-in-law played with the kids I ran to the Orowheat outlet.  I got all of this for$7.08 including tax.

All of it is in our new freezer and I'll be planning my menu around them next week.

I got:
2 packages of potato hot dog buns
2 packages of whole wheat hamburger buns
1 loaf of french bread (to use for french toast this week)
1 bag of whole wheat dinner rolls (to use this weekend with our roast)
3 bags of whole wheat bagels (for snack and lunches)

I also stopped by McDonalds, as an impulse hungry purchase, so that was $3
O, and I forgot to mention that last weekend The Hubbs treated me to donuts and a coffee for us, so that was $14.  Spendy, but OOOOO so yummy

This brings my total left to $193.03 and we have 19 days left

1 comment:

  1. I love the Orowheat outlet! Not only do they accept EBT, but they give a points card and you get free bread when you fill it up. Ours does double stamps on Sundays. Does yours do that? We also get a free loaf for every $10 we spend. I go once a month and stock the freezer!

    The McDonalds and donut shop don't take EBT, though, so if you were on food stamps, you'd have to use your own money for those and not your food stamps. A donut treat every now and then is worth it, but you can get donuts with your EBT at grocery stores. Not nearly as tasty or fresh, most likely!