Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6 months in

It's been 6 months since I started The Compact and I'm here to write a review of what I've learned thus far.

1. Buying used saves you TONS of money
2. Buying new is sometimes okay
3. Talking to other people about what I'm doing usually makes them roll their eyes
4. It's fun to shop at thrift stores
5. I've discovered all the thrift stores in the Valley and like most of them.
6. The Hubbs still rolls his eyes at me when I suggest buying something used instead of new.
7. The Hubbs likes when I save him money
8. When Miss A gets a new shirt or dress she says "Mama, did you get this at the Army?"  *Salvation Army Bargain Center*
9. In my "crowd" that I hang around with (read: fellow crunchy mamas) they are stopping by the thrift stores more and more :)
10. I get to write about my scores here on this little blog

Here is a refresher of what I've purchased new thus far:
A twin bed for Miss A & a pillow
A king bed for us
Shoes for the kids (Stride Rites, See Kai Runs, New Balances, etc)
Fabric to make a few things
Underwear and bras using Kohl's free $10 gift cards
Maintenance items for my Mitsubishi & The Hubbs' Suburban

These are the items I stated in January that I would allow myself to buy new:
Hygiene items
Safety items (Car seats, child safety items)
Vehicle maintenance items (however we do shop at the junk yard for certain items)

So, what are you thoughts now that I'm 6 months in???


  1. Hmmmm...if you get two comments from me- sorry--I made a big speech and then it got lost in cyberspace--try this again. (Delete one, if you must! Always copy your comment before hitting the Post Comment button, just in case)
    My thoughts about your shopping/saving habits are that you and I would get in a lot of trouble at the "Army" and GW!
    You keep being the frugal, wise woman you are!
    You are a crown to your husband's head!
    I used to get weird looks from other women, (especially two-income moms--and my sisters-in-law, I have 3!). Now they wanna go on my excursions with me!!
    Have a wonderfully blessed day, Crunchy!!
    P.S. The only other new thing i would add to your list (which resembles mine) is food! Heehee!

  2. You are awesome! I love thrift store shopping and I would have never found my favorite one here in SLC if it weren't for you. Keep on "saving" on :)

  3. Thanks to both of you :)

    Going thrift store shopping can sometimes be dangerous...