Sunday, June 6, 2010

Upcoming birthday and Father's Day

Good Sunday morning to everyone!  My mom's birthday is coming up this week and I've only gotten her 2 things and I want to really spoil her this year.  Anyhow, my brother and I went in together on a used Wii Resort sports game. I also got her this Scandanavian cookbook at the thrift store last week for $1.39 (we're part Finnish).

As you probably know, Father's Day is coming up and the city I call home is the city that started it all 100 years ago.  My dad owns and operates his own 1-man trucking company and he listens to the radio/CDs/audio CDs/etc all.the.time.  I got him 12 audio CDs at the thrift store for $.69/each.  They are The Bible on CD and I hope he really enjoys them.  After he's done listening to them, I may ask to put them on my iPod :)
*And if you're wondering...yes my floor is that ugly*

What are you giving for Father's Day?  What do you like to get your mom on her birthday?


  1. That pickled fish picture is so funny! Gross! LOL

  2. I know right! We're part Finnish and when I saw this book I said "Fish and Liquor". ;)

  3. hey thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad to meet another Eastern Washington! And thanks for the great gift ideas. I'm trying to think of a frugal Father's day gift, too. I actually had been thinking about the Wii resort games and used is even better!