Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday finds

I didn't have any intention of going garage saleing this morning, but The Hubbs handed me the garage sale section of the newspaper and I started looking.  I found a retiring teacher garage sale where I spent $7.  We are going to homeschool and her ad stated that most of everything would be $.25.  I went there first and this is what I got!
 6 Geoboards, 2 rulers, 1 box of dice, 4 sets of flash cards, 10 books, 1 box of crayons and 2 packs of stickers!

I then hit a sale about a block from home and got a cute green tank top and a baby doll for Miss A, $2/both.  I saw a Helly Hansen jacket for sale for $12 and it was my size, but I didn't have $12.  When I was done my hubby called and I mentioned it to him.  He was out giving a painting bid and swung back home.  He had bought it for me!  It's an early birthday present and I'm so excited to get it.  I think I may take it along tonight to Car d'Lane.

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