Friday, June 4, 2010

Other grocery options

I'm blessed with numerous grocery options with in minutes of our home.  The place I shop 90% of the time is Freddys and it's 2 miles away.  They have the best prices to go along with their extensive natural/organic section.  We don't do Wal-Mart and haven't for many years.  We also have 3 local grocers with in 2 miles that I like to support when I can.  One of them is Harvest Foods which is where I buy our Spokane Family Farm whole milk.  I can get it at other places, but HFs offers a Buy 10, Get 1 Free punch card, so I say "Why not?"

About 3 miles east of here is a URM Cash n Carry, but I haven't been there in ages.  They aim to sell to companies/restaurants so their stock is mostly bulk...huge bulk.  Another Cash n Carry is down the road the other way and I've never been, though I suspect it's about the same.  Another avenue is Grocery Outlet, which generally sells 'about to expire' groceries.  I plan to check them out this week to see what they have and determine if it's worth making a monthly trip or so.  They offer a wide range of products and are starting to offer natural/organic groceries which is a plus :)

Have you tried any of these types of grocers?  If so, what are the pros/cons?

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  1. I love Grocery Outlet! We have those here in California and the prices can't be beat.