Thursday, June 3, 2010

A kid's kitchen tutorial

You know those awesome entertainment center turned kid's kitchen tutorials?  Like these ones here, here & here.  Well we don't have that kinda room in our 900 sqft bunga-tiny ;)  However we did have a tiny little plastic piece-o-crap that the kids kinda liked.  Well, I didn't like it because it wasn't big enuf for both of them to play with (irony, I know).  We put it on the porch last week and were going to sell it at the IL's garage sale.  Next thing we know, The Hubbs is selling his guitar to a family and the dad brings all of his kids when they pick it up.  The 7 year old was the one buying it with his own money (he sold his Nintendo DS to fund it.  Can I say awesome kids and awesomer parents?).  Anywho, the dad also had a 5 year old son who was DD and a 2 year old daughter.  The 5 year old saw the kitchen on the front porch and asked to have it and of course The Hubbs said yes.  Nothing better than giving a toy to a kid who will really love it.

Moving along in the story (can you tell I get side tracked at 9:30pm?).  I went to "The Army" yesterday afternoon because we wanted to get the kids a new kitchen.  They had no such thing, so I started brainstorming.  I remembered the entertainment centers turned kitchens, but I just couldn't pull the trigger on $20 and that much living room space gone.  Then I came upon it.  This little night stand/end tabley thing.  It was $2.89.  This project took me 3 hours, but could have easily taken 1.5...but I've got 2 busy kids.  This is it's story...

Sanded (so the paint will adhere better)

Painted using Egg-shell/Satin (you don't want to use Flat b/c you can't scrub stains off)
The Hubbs is a prof. painter and all the paint used is left-overs.
I painted the top a dark gray/green.  The orange circles are the "burners"
The tools my hubby let me use ;)
Miss A enjoying her part-way-done kitchen. We're going to cut a hole in the top right and sink a mini sink and faucet. The middle section will get a door to use as an oven and the bottom is going to get a curtain for storage of their pots and pans.
I'll be sure to post a follow-up when it's completed (hoping for this weekend).

Tonight after dinner The Hubbs and I got about 80% done.  Here is a tonight photo tutorial...

Cut hole for sink (this was an un-used metal bowl)

Cut holes for the faucet
Tighten it down with bolts
Here he's adding the "control knobs" for the "burners"
Tonight's portion is done and now all we have to do is add an oven door and a dishwasher door.
I'll post more this weekend when we finish it :)
*So far we've spent $2.89 for the unit and $1.90 for the curtain rod*


  1. I just found your blog through the FS challenge and was gandering around - what an awesome play kitchen!

  2. That is seriously adorable! Great job!

    You can make felt food for the kitchen. It's really easy to make if you sew, and free patterns can be found around the internet.

  3. Thanks everyone. My daughter likes to 'cook' with her play dough. I think I may attempt some felt food tho :)