Friday, June 10, 2011

Made in the the Dollar Tree....whaaaaat?

You might be as shocked as I am, but it's true!  I love to buy their twisty crayons (aka unbreakable for Mr. J), but they're not Made in the USA.  However, all of these items are!
The clear bins are for holding my dry goods (BPA-Free) like beans, rice, etc.  I had an odd assortment of tupperware that was bugging me (didn't match).  I would much prefer glass, but we can't afford to spend $10/each on glass containers.

The Quick Erasers are a copy of the Magic Erasers and they are amazing!  I clean out the sink at the end of the day in under 20 seconds and it's beautiful and shiny.  Then, I just rinse it and re-use it :)

On to the sponges; they're thinner than others, but I don't use them very much since we have a dishwasher :)

Do you buy things at a dollar store?  If so, have you noticed things that are made in the USA?

Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. If you buy the pyrex glass storage bowls at Shopko you can get them pretty cheap. We have a ton of them and most were bought during super rebate programs so we would get a 20piece for 10 bucks. Petty good deal. They last forever. We love them.