Saturday, May 22, 2010

A brand new...

...bed!  This was an exemption when I first started The Compact and we finally found one we liked.  We currently have a Simmons Beautyrest aka "sleep like you're in a taco shell piece of crapola".  Yeah, we hate it that much.  We plunked down $1k 5.5 years ago for that wonderful bed.  Yup, 5 years and it's TOAST.  We both have hated sleeping in it for about 6 months now.  Lets move on.

We went and tested out a few beds last night while my MIL watched the kids.  We fell IN LOVE with the Tempur-Pedic beds.  They are the top of the line when it comes to beds, hands down.  BUT, they cost 2 arms and 2 legs.  The top of the line one we wanted was $3799 + tax + misc = $41xx, OUCH!  The other two we liked were in the mid $2k.  Again, with the OUCH!  So we slept on our decision last pun intended.  We woke up this morning sore, but determined.  I wanted a new bed now.  The hubbs on the other hand isn't as impulsive as I am.  So, we went and bought a used air conditioner because the weather is getting warmer and we don't want to pay top dollar for it when it's 90 degrees out.  After that we headed downtown to Walker's furniture to look at mattresses.  They carry Tempur-Pedics as well, but they also carry a knock-off.  The brand is Spirit Sleep and the line is Theratouch (a foam mattress).  The model is Banzai and it's 12" of heaven.

So, now to the awesome part!  The bed comes in a box  So all we have to do after the kids wake up is go get the box from Walker's warehouse and bring it home, unroll it and in 15 minutes we'll have a brand new bed!  No lugging in a huge heavy awkward mattress.

Later today we'll haul out the old mattress and we're putting it on Craigslist for FREE. 

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