Saturday, May 15, 2010

Freezer dilemma

For the past few months I have mentioned to the hubbs that I would like a BIG freezer for the garage.  In the fall we plan to get a 1/4 or 1/2 a cow and possibly a pig to stock up the freezer.  All we have right now is our side-by-side frig/freezer and it's busting at the seams these days.  When our local grocer has a sale on ground beef and chicken breasts I stock up!  I also buy our frozen veggies at Costco (they are local to us and organic).  I also go to the bread outlets once a month and stock up on sandwich bread, rolls, bagels and odd and ends.  So this makes for a tight space that is highly unorganized :/

So why am I posting about the intimate details of my freezer?  Because I need your help and advice.  On our local Craigslist there are basically 2 categories of freezers, old and cheap ($50) OR new and a little more expensive ($150).  The newer ones are Energy Star approved and that's what I'm leaning towards.  It may cost us a little more cash up front, but it should pay for itself in the long run.

What would you prefer to buy?  Do you have a large freezer?  What are the pros/cons to owning more freezer space?

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  1. We inherited a chest freezer from our grandparents. It's in the first category - cheap and old. We use it to house 1/2 a cow. It didn't even fill it all the way. Almost, but not all the way. Now that the cow is pretty much all eaten, there is tons of room and stays running all the time for not a lot of stuff. It looks like you would be filling yours more often, though. What REALLY sucked was when the breaker that housed the freezer blew and we lost our meat (this was before the cow, so we didn't lose a whole lot). The other reason it doesn't get used too much is because it's on our garage and we just don't go out there that much. I have no clue how much I'm paying to keep this thing.