Friday, May 28, 2010

Mai Birfday

So, my birthday is coming up.  Yes, it's a national holiday and yes you better send me a card.  Okay, okay, maybe just an envelope with $5 in it.  Any takers?  :)

Well if you can't tell, I get a little giddy about my birthday.  The hubbs loves to spoil me on my birthday and last year he bought me a Mountain Buggy Urban Double (they evidently re-named them recently) which is in the top 3 of best birthday gifts!  I freaking love this stroller and we found it across the state on Craigslist (used of course) for $225.  It's bright orange (which I've found is awesome for when go to a crowded place or just taking a walk down the street, nobody misses us).  Over the last year we bought the sun/bug shade and rain cover and use them a lot.  It fits through a standard doorway, the front wheels swivel, and it turns with the push of 1 finger.  I'm not into buying expensive baby gear, but this was well worth every penny.  It should last my daughter until she's 4, I'm guessing.

So why am I babbling about my stroller still?  It's because I still love it and if you're in the market for a used one, I suggest you research them.


  1. I paid good money for a top-of-the line double stroller and absolutely loved it!! It was a sad day last summer when I decided to sell it because the boys got too big. I even bought a rain cover for it so I could take the boys out in the drizzly Oregon weather.
    Happy Birthday this weekend! Mine was last week (still celebrating!!!). :)

  2. OMG I can't believe it's your birthday almost! You are going to be 27, you are so old :)

  3. I know right?!? I only have 1.5 months left ;)