Thursday, February 3, 2011

Getting my hair cut

How often do you get your hair cut or trimmed?  Do you do it yourself, a friend or pay someone else?  Do you dye your hair or have any special treatments?  How often do you do all of this?

I'm unsure how I feel about how long it's been for me.  I got my hair cut in June 2010...that was a long time ago.  I got a simple a-line that has grown out nicely and since I have curly hair, there isn't much need for a hair cut.  I don't dye my hair, but I'm VERY picky about my cut.  My curly and un-ruly hair is a lot for most stylists to handle.  I can't tell you how many times as a child I've walked out crying after getting my hair cut.  Thankfully, I've finally found someone who gets it.  She actually has hair just like mine, so she understands.  I'm going to make an appointment with her in the near future to get a trim.  Finding an excellent hair stylist you can trust is worth so much :)

I spend $30 twice a year to maintain my hair and for me that's perfect.  Granted it's been quite some time since I had it done last time.   
How do you save money on keeping your hair maintained?


  1. Brandy or my cousin Emily cut my hair, and I'm like you and only get it cut twice a year and there is no dye in it. My cuz charges me $10 and Brandy charges me dinner :)

  2. Having straight, fairly manageable hair, I give myself layered shoulder-length haircuts. It gets me about 90% of the results I'd get for spending $50 (salon visits are expensive in my neck of the woods) plus tip, plus finding someone to watch my kids. :) Even then, though, I miss the luxury of someone deep massaging my scalp under warm running water while smelling that faux-luxury chemically smell of the shampoo. Ahhh, foregone bliss! ;-D

  3. The thought of a chemical-laden scalp massage is enticing :) Giving yourself your own haircut is a great idea and I've done it before...but I'm no good, hehe

  4. I go to beauty schools! Or look on craigslist and take a chance :)

  5. O, I forgot about beauty schools, great point! I went to Paul Mitchell's school about a year ago and it was so awful. It was like I walked into rave atmosphere. Everyone was wearing black, they had crazy music videos on TVs all over the place and the they Techno music bumpin' loud :(

    Needless to say I won't go back there. However, I have had good experiences at schools before, but I always pay the extra few dollars to get a student who is experienced.