Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How I organized our homeschool stuff for free

It's been nagging at me.  It's been looking at me every time I walk by, sneering.  Stinkin' homeschool supplies were totally unorganized and bugging me but we don't have the money to go buy a whole bunch of storage thingys.  Then it dawned on me.  What about those 6 plastic shoe box storage thingys that we've kept our bills in for the last 8 years.  Ya know the ones we'll never look at again, nor have we popped open a lid in at least 5 years.  So, I purged them all.  The bills have been taken care of...if you know what I meant. 

Now the shoe boxes actually have a functioning purpose and I don't have to be mocked any more anytime I walk into J's room.  Before organizing, everything was literally stuffed into the blue thingy (last picture), except for the books.  I wrote in Sharpie on top and on one side what the contents are. 

I bought this Alphabet at the Dollar Tree

Don't mind the Christmas stuff on the top left corner

Crayons, craft supplies and paint/brushes

Our puzzles

The Kumon books, workbooks, coloring books and plain drawing paper

Foam shapes, play dough toys, and lacing toys

Rest of the stuff: pipe cleaners, extra paint, painting bib and 2 memory games
If you're not familiar with Kumon Books they are AWESOME.  I also highly recommend buying your craft supplies at your local $1 store.  My Dollar Tree rocks in their "school" section :)

How do you organize all of your stuff?


  1. I used to use shoe boxes because they all have lids and stack nicely. John finally got sick of those and found the tall plastic drawer thing at a yard sale so that's where all my craft stuff is.

  2. I've seen those before and they're cool. Too bad I don't have any floor space for one here