Monday, April 19, 2010

Back from a trip

Hi all!  This past week I took the kiddos to visit my friend who recently moved to Salt Lake City.  We had a fun-filled week and plenty of stress at the airport.  I learned never to fly Southwest Airlines ever again because their pilots are not trained on everything.  We sat at the airport for 3 hours waiting for them to land all the while every other airline was landing and taking off.  But, I'll spare you the gory details ;)  My friend and I took the kids to a few local thrift shops (see links below) and I scored some deals on cotton PJs (for the upcoming warm weather), some swim trunks for Baby J, and plenty of short sleeved shirts.  I crammed it all in my cumbersome bag and brought it all home to wash, which is what I'm doing today.

We also hit up the Zoo and the Aquarium, which my 2 yr old adored.  She really loved the monkeys and elephants.  The attractions in SLC are much cheaper than say Seattle.  The admission to the Zoo and Aquarium were just $9/adult and 2 and under are free.  So, my friend and I got to go for $18 and we didn't pay anything for the kidlets.  As for Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo it's $11/adult.  Furthermore, for the Seattle Aquarium it's $17/adult.  Also, we didn't have to pay for parking in SLC, woot! 

The thrift stores we visited:
Thirft Town (my favorite for selection and prices, but the staff wasn't too friendly)
Deseret Industries (my second favorite, the organization was lacking, but made up for by a wonderful staff)
Kid to Kid (eh.  The prices were really high for 2nd hand and the staff seemed a little stuck on themselves)

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  1. It was so fun to have you guys over! Let's do it again sometime :) Also will you send me some pics, I realized I only took that video (which I will send to you as well).