Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I paid how much?

It's been pouring buckets most of the day with the usual gray skies to go along with it.  Late last week I got a flyer from Kohls with a $10 gift certificate attached.  I told myself that I'd post it on my Facebook and see if any of my friends could use it, we didn't need anything.  The days went by and I kept forgetting.  This morning my youngest grabbed it and started to put it in his mouth and I took it from him.

After I looked at it more closely I saw that you didn't have to spend a minimum.  So, I could get something for free.  Then it hit me!  Some of the Hubbs' undies are looking less than appealing these days and I had just pulled a load of them out of the dryer.  I took it upon myself to throw 3 pairs away (yes, he'll be mad once he realizes).  Are you following me here?  I took the kidlets to Kohls this morning and bought him 2 new boxer briefs for 43 pennies!
I sure hope Kohls and other department stores send me more free money to buy us undies/bras and shoes, woot!

What would you have spent that $10 on?

1 comment:

  1. Awesome!! I probably would have bought something for Gretal or some picture frames...