Saturday, April 10, 2010

Farm strong

So, the hubbs and I have been contemplating joining a gym again.  We quit after we had baby J, I hadn't gone in some time and Dave wasn't making the time for it.  We were busy and still are.  So, a few weeks back The hubbs read an article about Farm strength.  It's a new idea that may be gaining popularity as families trim their budgets.  So, you're asking what is it?  Well it's based on the idea of doing what farmers did back in the day and what they do now.  Those guys (and some gals) are in awesome shape!  They work HARD everyday and have a body to show for it.  So, we're planning setting up a spot in the backyard to encompass a farm workout.

Check out these websites to get a look into what it entails:

It's something both of us can do while the kids are outside playing.  Plus, we'll save $40/month although we will have to buy some things like rope and such.

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