Monday, April 26, 2010

Reel lawn mower

So, this past weekend Dave went to start up our Craftsman lawn tractor to cut down the proverbial forest in our back yard.  Well, it didn't want to start.  He started tinkering with it and pulled the starter and it's a mess.  He called Sears and they want $130 for a new starter *cough*.  Yeah, um that's a lot of money for 1 part, especially for a LAWN MOWER.
(Ours looks like this one but it's green)

So today as I was outside with the kidlets and I decided I want to get a reel lawn mower.  It won't need parts (well, likely) and it's free to use besides the initial investment.  There are 2 nice ones on Craigslist that I've emailed about.  This will allow me about 2 hours each week to myself with my iPod plugged in.  I need some alone time and this will be the perfect excuse, plus I'll get plenty of exercise.  Did I mention that Dave laughed/scoffed at the idea at first?  Well, he shut his yap once I told him that I would be cutting the grass from now on if we could buy one of these.  He liked the idea of that :)
So, what kind of lawnmower do you have?  Do you like it?  If you don't like it, what would you rather have?


  1. I had one like that and it was a total pain in long grass. my husband found an electric one when he worked at the dump that works on a battery, so no cords to lug around. It only does small sections at a time. so it takes me longer, but I have a small lawn. It's lightweight, it starts every time, I don't throw my shoulder out trying to start the thing, and it's quiet. I like it, and so did the boy scouts who mowed the lawn for me last week.

  2. Thanks Paula :) We live on a 1/2 acre and it's all flat thankfully. I think we'll be using the Craftsman 1 more time because our lawn is so overgrown, but then I plan to use the reel.