Thursday, April 8, 2010

Photos and a weather report

Good blustery morning to everyone!  All week our weather has been crazy to say the least.  Right now it's snowing and the wind gusts are up around 60mph.  Just 10 minutes ago it was beautiful sunshine and windy of course.  I grew up in a "weather family" and there is a long line on my mother's side that has been fanatical about the weather.  My great grandparents used to measure the rain and always try to figure out how much to water the plants after good rain.  My GG also put out buckets to catch the rain water so she could water her plants later in the week...very crunchy if you ask me.  The 'trait' was passed down to my grandfather and of course my mother.  Since we were kids the weather channel was usually on during the day.  Now, my brother has taken the reigns (well my mom has yet to give them up) and he has an electronic weather station and is often watching the weather on TV or the internet.  They like to stay abreast of any uncertain weather.

I'm not as hard-core as them, but I check it in the morning if I'm taking the kids to the park.  I've found myself checking it more lately because the the weather has been so ridiculous.  For example, when I started writing this about 3 minutes ago I told you it was snowy and very windy.  Now, it's just spitting rain and about 20mph winds.  O, and the sun has peeked back out.  Do you like tracking the weather?  Do you plan your outings around the weather or do you just go with the flow?

For the second part of my post I wanted to ask everyone's opinion on photo-processing.  I love photo center.  Almost every week they have SUPER-DUPER sales on photo printing (to get you into the store to buy other stuff, which I don't generally do).  Today they are running a sale on photo collages, they're 80% off.  I ordered two 8x10 for $1.73.  All photos I print are of the kidlets and for us to have and family/friends.  Anyways, back to my question.  Do you think getting photos printed is breaking The Compact? 

Have a great day today!

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