Sunday, August 8, 2010

I need some wedding gift ideas

Please help me everyone :)

We are attending a wedding of a dear friend of mine in 2 weeks.  I can't hardly wait to see her finally tie the knot!

They have been together for a few years and have all of the stuff they need, but of course are registering for things they want.  Who can blame them?  Anywho, their Target gift registry is full of items for the kitchen and bedroom (linens).  Do I dare buy them a used KitchenAid food processor?  Or a set of used Pyrex dishes?  They aren't necessarily frugal or into the whole "buy used" movement.  I don't want to insult them with my used gifts, but I won't be buying anything new either. 

So here's where you guys come in.  I'm open to nearly anything :)


  1. Anything handmade, in accordance with their style will be a winner. A quilt perhaps? Potholders? Find something on the registry that you can maybe knock off?

  2. Your Kohl's gift card :)
    Or... a bottle of wine and some of your yummy muffins in a cute little tin that you buy from the thrift store (they will never know). BTW who is getting married??

  3. I'm thinking check the registry against craiglist for NIB/NWT items that match up, its still cheaper & thrifty since it's coming from another

  4. All great ideas, thanks everyone.

    Bridge, Katy is getting married...finally ;)

    I may make an apron, I think I have some leftover cowboy fabric (they are real-life ranchers). And I don't know what else. I wish I could give them the gift card, but it expires the day they get married. I'll be sure to keep you all posted