Thursday, August 26, 2010


Let me start off by saying I'm excited!  See, around here naturally living is finally getting off the ground and becoming a bit more popular.  If you're a local reader than you're likely aware of the store Huckleberrys and probably love it.  If you don't love it, than I'm sorry, because I really freaking love it.

Saturday the 18th, Huckleberrys is having their bi-annual Natural Living Sale and all non-food items are 35% OFF.  This is a screaming deal.  I've already pre-ordered (you have to pre-order before Sept. 1st) a gallon of Dr. Bronner's Almond 18-in-1 liquid soap and a gallon of Giovanni Shampoo.  Here is the rest of my list and if you're wondering, yes I already made it into an Excel spreadsheet with AutoSum at the bottom.  I may or may not reveal the total to you.  The Hubbs will be "editing" it later tonite after he chokes a little at the number ;)

Giovanni Sunset Styling Lotion
Dr. Bronners Almond
Giovanni Shampoo
Country Save
Bac-Out drain
Maid Naturally abrasive scrub
7th Gen disinfecting wipes x2
Child's cough
Chewy vitamins
Foaming soap x3
Burts Bees lip balmx5
Sea Fresh toothpaste x3
Mouthwash x2
Deodorant x3
Pest control spray

Do you stock up on sale like these?

What is your favorite "natural" care item?

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