Saturday, August 21, 2010

This week's wrap up

Last Saturday we got a call from my BIL at 10:15pm.  He had quite a bit of joy in his voice when we answered and he said there was a wooden playground across the street in a free pile.  He was calling to make sure we wanted it and of course we did.  He said he was going to back up his truck and push it in and we'd deal with it in the AM.  That morning we went and picked 5 gallons of plums while the men strapped it in the back of the truck.  It's awesome!  I've put a twin sheet across the top for some shade and it fits perfect.  The men nailed, screwed, and tightened everything down while the kidlets were chomping at the bit to get up there.

Today we headed to Famous Footwear to get the kids some fall shoes.  They didn't have anything we really wanted so we wandered around a bit window shopping in our favorite stores for upcoming Christmas and birthday ideas.  I've already started our Excel spreadsheet for gift giving and I'd be happy to share it with you, just send me an email at fvcwft at gmail dot com.  We headed over to Sears because The Hubbs wanted to drool over a tool or something.  Before we left, I suggested we look at the Sears' kids shoes.  We ended up walking out of there for $67 + tax for 4 pairs of shoes.  WOOT!

Top left: New Balance tennis shoes (6w) for Little Mister = $28
Top right: New Balance tennis shoes (10w) for Little Miss = $12 *clearance*
Bottom left: Fila (look-a-like Keens) for next summer (6, they run BIG) for Little Mister = $12 *clearance*
Bottom right: New Balance tennis shoes (8w, for next year) for Little Mister = $15 *clearance*

Little Miss also has her New Balance water tennis shoes and she'll wear those until she outgrows them.  I also hit up the See Kai Run 1/2 off sale a month or two ago.  I got Little Mister 2 pairs and Little Miss 1 pair.  All we have left to buy are snow boots, but we don't plan to do that for at least 2 months.

Have you ever scored something from a free or garbage pile?  What brand(s) of shoes do you like to buy for your kids?


  1. They do this thing here where twice a year everyone puts out what they don't want in a pile on their front yard, and then either the garbage man picks it up or people will rummage through it and find something and take it. Most of the stuff is yard waste but I saw some old tools, wood, metal parts, tons of stuff that is reusable or you can take to a recycle place and get money for it.
    I just bought Gretal some Puddlejumpers from Kid to Kid (the expensive used kids place, but the shoes I got were only $8!).
    What do you think of the puddlejumper brand, have you heard of them?

  2. SLC has some pretty cool ideas :)

    I have heard of the name, but always wondered if they were wide enuf for Miss A. That's a score at $8 :)